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Vastu and Concentration

Vastu and Concentration

* For children to score well and excel in their respective field it s important that they concentrate in their work. Vastu shastra can play a vital role in bringing about concentration and determination in your children. For this, the first rule is that the entire house should be Vastu compliant. Students should face the east while studying, however, those seeking and preparing for higher education need to face the north. The entry into the study room should be from the north, north-east, east, north-east, south, south-east, western or north-west directions.

For the betterment of the students, there are certain Vastu points should be taken note of:

  • The location of the study room should either be the East, North, South or the north-east of the structure
  • Students should face the east while studying, however, those seeking and preparing for higher education need to face the north.
  • The child should not have a beam above his head while studying.
  • No mirror in the room should be left uncovered at night
  • All pillars, columns, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves etc should all be given a curved edge as these act as obstruction and distract concentration.
  • The study table should be made to face the east or the north for students who wish to go for higher studies.
  • The study table should not be kept away from the wall.
  • The child should have open space in front of him to encourage fresh ideas and optimistic approach. There should never be a door behind him
  • Placing a soothing painting or poster in the study table really helps to profuse positivity within it. There should not be a book shelf above the study table. Neither should they be placed on the eastern walls
  • There should not be heaps of books on the study table
  • A wooden chair with a slight cushion is the bests for the child to sit on while studying.
  • Ensure that the study table is brightly lit up as per the requirement
  • Adequate amount of natural light and air is also a must to enter the room. Make sure while studying, the child’s shadow does not fall on the study table
  • To energize concentration place a study lamp on the left side of the table.
  • The light should be bright but not too harsh to hurt the eyes
  • Children’s room should be bright and cheerful, hence avoid use of dull colours to decorate the room
  • Studies and music go hand in hand, hence playing inspirational and soothing music is very effective
  • We can even place an aquarium in the study room
  • The child should be made to sleep with his head towards the south or the west and not the north or east
  • Comics or newspapars as per the child’s interest should be kept on the side table of the bed or the study table
  • Trophies and certificates won by the child should be hung on the south wall
  • Encourage your child to do some yogic exercises which would enhance his concentration

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