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Vastu Shastra Remedies And Tips

Vastu Shastra Remedies And Tips

* Vastu lays down guidelines for every aspect of the house and the surrounding adjoining it. Vastu remedies and tips work for the betterment and success of the entire family residing within that structure. Here are some common Vastu Shastra remedies and tips pertaining to various sections of the house. 

1. House orientation

The main structure should ideally face east or north east but never south east. It should be square or rectangular. The corners of the house should not point toward any other house’s doors or windows as that sucks the energy front he house. Direct rays of the sun should strike the house for at least six hours every day. The contours of the building should not have any projections on the northwest or southeast. 

2. Room Location

The master bedroom should be in the south west if you are single but in the west or the north for couples. The west is supposed to be ideal for conceiving children who will grow up intelligent and rich. A house should have an odd number of rooms. Any space with a door including the washrooms should be considered as a room for the count. Open areas to walk through should be left on the north and the east sides of the rooms. The space for worship should be in the north east. This is one of the most revered and insisted-upon rules of Vastu. The gods stay in the north east but the help are housed in the north-west. The kitchen should be in the south east corner. The person cooking should face the east, the direction of light and health. Sinks are placed in the north east of the kitchen while provisions are racked upon the walls of the south and west. 

3. Doors and windows

Doors should ideally be in the north-east or north east of any room. The main entrance should not have more than two doors and should always open inward. Intersecting roads or trees before the main door are extremely undesirable. Steps at the entrance ought to be even in number. Doors and windows should also be even in number. Entrances should be in the west, east or north in ascending order of preference but never in the south.

4. Rules of habitation

It is not advisable to leave a house empty for more than 108 days at a stretch. The south section is the worst to be leased out and it should be kept occupied at all times by the owner. It is better to rent out the north. The ground floor must always be inhabited though upper stories may be left empty temporarily.  


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