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Vastu Tips For Childrens Room And Study

Vastu Tips For Childrens Room And Study

- Children are the budding future for the nation as well as for their parents. They are the epitome of hope and aspiration for both. Every parent wants the best for his or her child. In today’s stressful life situation, we, as parents, are bound to gift our children a pleasant, soothing and a Vastu perfect life which in turn will ease their tension and subsequent pressure.  

Vastu Shastra is an age old science which affects every positive as well as negative aspect of our life. This includes our children as well. They too get affected by the surrounding positive as well as negative environment. Their immediate environment can work adversely or beneficially for them. Vastu Experts therefore suggest a Vastu-wise harmonious surrounding which will make them happy and well-balanced, enabling them to carry out their work and play cheerfully and study seriously. A few Vastudo’s and don’ts can take care of ensuring a positive environment which in turn will assuredly give them a better tomorrow.

Vastu tips for children’s room and study:

1.    Children’s bedroom should never be in the south-western side as they will become more powerful and try to dominate other family members

2.    The best rooms for the children are on western or southern sides of the plot, but all corners should definitely be avoided for the children’s room

3.    The study room should be in the east, north or the north-east directions of the house: greater absorption of power and increase in knowledge is available in these areas.

4.    Students should also try to face the east or the north which will help in quicker learning and improve memory as well as concentration

5.    Books should always be kept in the south-west, south or west directions and not in the north-east

6.    Open bookshelves are not good, always try to keep the books in shelves or closed areas with glass panel doors. Open bookshelves create too much of congestion in the minds of the children.

7.    Vastu-wise, the study table should not ‘stick’ to the wall. There should be a solid wall behind the child as one sits at the desk. If there is a window at your back, keep the curtains or blinds closed. Also, a quartz crystal rock in the south-west corner helps to further energize the earth element and enhance the positive energy in the study area. 

8.    Mothers should make sure that when children go to bed; their heads should rest in the south direction. It helps in maintaining the magnetic balance of the body with that of the earth.

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