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Vastu Tips For Lighting Ghee Lamps For Puja Purpose

Vastu Tips For Lighting Ghee Lamps For Puja Purpose

- According to Hindu scriptures, lighting an oil or ghee lamp while worshipping purifies the environment and even induces positive energy in and around the worshipper. According to the science of spirituality, there are five sheaths or Kashas pertaining to the human body which provide energy in different forms to the gross body. These subtle sheaths or koshas get affected by the oil and the ghee lamps in different ways, thereby imparting peace, stability and happiness in an individual’s life.

- It is further said that when we experience something without the participation of our five sense organs, it is known as spiritual experience. Now, if we compare the spiritual experiences obtained by oil and ghee lamps, we find that where oil lamp gives us spiritual experience of Pruthvitattva (absolute earth element) and Aaptattva (absolute water element), the ghee lamp gives the spiritual experience of Tejtatva and Vayutattva to the worshipper. 
Only ghee prepared from cow’s milk should be used for meditation purpose, why?

Oil lamps emit frequencies of ‘raja’ particles by the sesame oil emits some satta frequencies also. However, the ghee lamps emit the maximum amount of sattvik frequencies as compared to any other oil lamp. Hindu mythology even stresses on use of ghee made solely from cow’s milk to light the lamp in As per the purpose of the worshipper, a lamp is often used at every step of a puja ritual. However, in doing so, two kinds of wicks are used namely the puffed wick and the straight wick. Generally, puffed wicks are used in the Niranjan (the five wick lamp), dipped in ghee, for the purpose of worship. The wick is puffed form below so that it stands stable in the center of the Niranjan. This type of wick is of a recent origin. The second type of wick is the straight wick, which we all are familiar with. In this, two straight wicks are joined like a thread and used along with ghee in a lamp. Both these kinds of wicks are different not only in their gross form but also in terms of spirituality. 

Differences between the round puffed wicks and the straight wicks:

•    Where the lower part of a puffed wick, also called fulwat, is round, the straight wick is whole like a thread and stands straight. 

•    The fulwat wick symbolizes various ‘raja’ thoughts in the mind while the straight wick is a representative of detachment and also symbolizes the thread which joins the Panchpranas with the Atmajyoti.

•    When a puffed wick is kindled, it attracts the inferior deities but when a straight wick is lit it attracts the principles of the higher deities.

•    The fulwat emits frequencies in a circular form while the straight wick emits frequencies in the form of waves.

•    The color of the divine consciousness emitted by the puffed wick is reddish yellow while that emitted by the straight wick is purely yellow in color.

•    The fulwat attracts sattvik earth frequencies while the straight wick attracts frequencies moving in the upward direction.

•    The use of puffed wick gives momentum to atmospheric frequencies while the straight wick slows down their momentum.

•    The puffed wick generates an armor of Pruthvitatva (absolute earth element) and Aaptattva (absolute water element) around the worshipper. The straight wick, on the other hand, generates an armor of Tejtatva (absolute fire element) around the worshipper which is definitely more powerful than the Pruthvitatva and the Aaptatva. Hence, the use of the puffed wick imparts heaviness to the physical body while a straight wick invokes cheerfulness in the mind of the worshipper.

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