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Live Vastu For Industries

Live vastu for Industries

Industries are a hub of activity and they need special vaastu attention for a flourishing success. In the industries, the perfect amalgamation of human potential and machinery brings about high levels of production. Industries are large scale businesses, where research, leadership, management, activities, market dynamics and planning are absolutely important. All these aspects should work in tandem for the best results. Vaastu can help an industry become successful by contributing to each direction in the perfect way thereby, maximizing the effect of the whole industrial space.   Vaastu defects:   Many industries of the modern world face threats from the union, strikes, litigation problems, man power shortage, resource depletion, and many other unexpected problems. These problems can be minimized by the application of vaastu principles during the construction of the industries. If an industry has a building, certain changes to the placement of items within the premises according to the principles of vaastu can eliminate their ill-effects and bring about effective positive changes.   Influence of five elements:   The five elements of nature have a powerful impact on the dwelling and the lives of the inmates. They either promote or restrict the flow of positive energies based on the directional placement of the buildings. As industries are being modernized, the materials used and the modes of construction can majorly benefit by the perfect use of these five elements. Fire for example, plays an impending role in many industries. If the direction of fire in the industry is perfectly used, according to the vaastu principles, many stress causing factors can be reduced. Any imbalance in the use of these five powerful elements can become the cause of troubles.   Dr. Puneet Chawla has extensive experience in suggesting the best possible remedies with minimum delomolition or structural changes to the industries. Club the energies of various entities in the industry, based on shape, form, looks and size of the building and analyse their contribution in tandem with the directions to ensure high success.

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