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Vastu Tips For The Betterment Of Life Relating To The Physical World

Vastu Tips For The Betterment Of Life Relating To The Physical World

- We all want peace and prosperity in life. For this it is important to have a balance in every aspect of your life which includes the physical, spiritual and the material world. Many a times, a disharmony is created in the environment which leads to generation of negative vibrations within the surrounding and hence makes life difficult for the inmates of the structure. However, as a Vastu expert, I suggest balancing all the worlds in a manner so that it adheres to complete Vastu Shastra principles.

Best Vastu tips pertaining to the physical world which can make life better and worth living:

1.    Body postures- Some people have a tendency to sit crossed legs or cross their arms across their chest. Both these positions are unreceptive in nature and not welcoming. People using these postures frequently are usually stubborn and poor recipients of the good things in life. Adopting an open posture with legs and arms is preferable and more beneficial. A straight posture helps in the free flow of energy from the base of the spine to the rest of the body.

2.    Health- I believe if you are not healthy, you cannot work hard and flourish. Do not position a bathroom in the north-east of your home- it leads to chronic diseases. If a couple uses a bathroom in the north-east, they have problems in pregnancy, leading to abnormal children. Never place your head towards the north when sleeping- the North Pole’s magnetic energy will disturb your sleep. Toilets, underground water tanks and swimming pools in the south-west also jeopardize health. A bedroom in the south-east may lead to high blood pressure and irritability. The east side of the plot, where the sun rises, is sensitive. Never block it, or you may experience eye-related problems, strokes, paralysis and severe headaches or migraines.

3.    Fire- fire is one of the fire sacred elements and should never be touched by one’s feet. This includes items such as matchsticks and cigarettes, which are connected to fire and hence should not be snuffed out with one’s feet. Neither should you use your feet to push open 

4. Our body is made up of the five elements viz earth, space, fire, water and air. Earth provides shape and smell to our body, space produces sound, fire gives hunger, water supports blood and other fluids and air gives the feeling of touch. If there is complete harmony among the five elements, the body will remain healthy. The human body houses the soul just like the house houses the body to live in. Hence, your house too should be built to maintain elemental harmony.   

 5.    The Vastu factor applies to the human body as well. Our body postures hold immense importance. Sitting with legs and hands crossed at the chest level is not a receiving posture. Legs and arms should be in open posture. 

6.    Moving and shuffling hands and feet without any reason is also inauspicious. It is good to face the north when working or eating and point your head to the south when sleeping.

7.    Incense and essential oils of flowers are pious and have cleansing properties and as such help enhance the positive energies in the environment. Light and burn them regularly to clear the house off negative energy forms. 

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