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Vastu Tips For Levels, Slopes And Rainwater

Vastu Tips For Levels, Slopes And Rainwater

- The location of the various rooms of the house, placement of furniture and lighting of incense and candles are not enough to ensure and maintain the flow of positive energy in your home, the basic requirements pertaining to levels and slopes need to be corrected according to Vastu Shastra principles in order to make the environment worthy and positive for stay. The different level in a building and the direction of slope plays a vital role according to Vastu experts in determining the health, wealth and happiness of the inmates of a structure.

The levels of slopes of a building have a significant influence on its Vastu, making it either positive or negative. Similarly, the flow of water and its direction can make a structure healthy or unhealthy. This is largely due to the immense power and energy generated by the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic forces which form an integral part of the Vastu Shastra philosophy.

Vastu tips for levels, slopes and rain water are as follows

1.    The level of the floor in a house should be lower in the north and higher in the south. This results in monetary growth and financial opportunities for the residents.

2.    A raised floor in the east creates problems for the children in the house and destruction of reputation. 

3.    Raised levels in the south-east bring unexpected monetary gains. However, if the level of the floor in the south-west is raised, it brings stability, power and confidence. A lower level floor in the south-east is very inauspicious and may not only lead to diseases but even death. The fear of doors. Rubbing your feet against each other also brings bad luck and try not to sleep with your legs crossed. Goddess Lakshmi blesses people who keep their feet clean and odor-free.

4.    Good life partner- The right partner makes your life journey simpler by cushioning you from all the jolts involved. To find the right partner, apply the law of equality. Wherever there is darkness, balance it out with light; wherever there is dullness, provide sharpness. Strike balance between male and female energies, between receiving and giving. Combine colors and sounds well.

5.    Restless movements- unnecessary and fidgety movements of hands and feet are considered inauspicious. For instance, tapping or drumming on tables or on parts of your body in idle fun or as a pastime should be avoided.

6.    Daily bath- one should bathe on a daily basis. This keeps negative energies at bay. Bathing with sea salt also gives a tremendous boost to the flow of positive energies.

7.    Studying- While studying, make sure that there is a solid wall behind you. The presence of a window or any opening facing your back does not provide any energy support and results in lack of concentration. Also, make sure that your study area is free of clutter such as old mails, notes, non-working pens, junk stationery items etc. 

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