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Negative Energies

Negative Energies

This is a festive season, feel lighter and happier. Check out your place for negative energies. Negative energies become obstacles for our good health, relations and material growth. But the question arises how negativity comes in and how we can clean a negative environment.

Irritating noises: Creaking sounds of door and windows kills the positive energy prevailing in our structures. Oil the hinges of doors and windows so that the noise stops. Noises’ arising while moving the furniture is not good.

Toilets and kitchens: Wrongly situated create negative energies. All the subtle energies get contaminated when toilets are placed at their source points. Kitchen and other fire activities is placed in these energy source points , burn these life force energies and turn the environment into depleted positive energies.

Clutter: Clutter makes it difficult to get work done and relish the relaxation. It adds to your stress and negative energy. It also drains your physical, mental and emotional strength. In vaastu terms clutter is a stuck up energy. Now how to identify clutter; ask your self that if the object is operational and whether it is beautiful also. If both answers are no then the object is a part of clutter so apply the De-clutter mantra. Any thing which is not in use for long time and not looking beautiful also remove it or pass it.

Dead things: It is very common that the non working wall clocks are hanged in our places this signifies the dead and negative energies. Non working, nonfunctional electronic gadgets are dead things. Clear those from your place stop negative energies. Dried flowers kept in your vases are also creating negative energies.

Depressed Moods: When you are depressed, negative energies get shed from our aura (etheric body). These negative and dull energies get piled up in our place. The next time even if we are not depressed the piled up negative energies make us feel low and sad.

Diseased environment: If someone in the family is ill the whole environment becomes dull. The diseased energy get shed down in the house and the environment becomes negative.

Now we talk about the cleansing of energies:

Essential oils and Incense: The incense and essential oils of flowers are pious and have cleansing properties. They enhance the positive environment. Light and burn them regularly to clear off the negative energy forms.

Lighting: Darkness is the symbol of dullness, depression and tensions. Once in the evening even for a small time all the lights of house should be switched on. It vanishes the essence of darkness. The last corner and the Northeast corner of the house should always keep lighted.

Sounds: Ring bells in house and all corners. The sound of ringing bells vanishes even many types of bacteria. Shankh sounds are also very power ful to clear of the negativity.

Sea salt: Sea salt has great negativity extracting powers. Place some sea salt in bowls in Proper transmutation of sunlight creates a good and healthy environment. Plants and filter natural flowers also vanish the negative energies.

Crystals: This is the most powerful method to clean the negative energies. These are semi precious stones available from the mother earth. Crystal has amazing cleansing properties in them selves. The quartz family is very famous form in cleansing the negatives from our surroundings. It works as a  for the energies.
every room; it can be placed under the ill person’s bed. This salt has to be changed periodically approximately 15 days. The sea salt can be used to wipe the floors it cleanses the environment.

Nature: Sunlight coming in your place cleanses and vanishes the negative environment