Shradh Paksha

Shradh Paksha

Shradh Paksha is the time of the year, fifteen days, when Tarpan is performed for our ancestors so that their soul rests in peace and they shower their blessings on us. This year the Pitra Paksha would commence from 16th September to 1st October. 

The dates of Shradh in 2016 are as follows:
Date Day Shradh Significance

16th September Friday Purnima Shradh Tarpan is performed for those whose soul had departed on Purnima

17th September Saturday Pratipada Shradh - For those who left the world on Pratipada tithi

18th September Sunday Dwitiya/Dooj Shradh Tarpan performed for those who died on Dwitiya tithi

19th September Monday Tritiya/Teej Shradh - For those whose souls departed on Tritiya or Chaturthi/ChauthChauth Shradh

20th September Tuesday Mahabharani/ Panchami - For those who had passed away for their Shradh heavenly abode on the panchmi tithi

21st September Wednesday Shashti or Chattha - This Shradh is performed for those who had Shradhaway on Shashti tithi

22nd September Thursday Saptami Shradh - On this day Pind Daan is done for those who had passed away on Saptami tithi

23rd September Friday Ashtami Shradh Performed for those who passed away on Ashthami tithi

24th September Saturday Navami/Avidhava - On this day, Tarpan is done for people who Shradh/Matra Navamihad departed on Navami tithi. On this day men perform Shradh for their wives and mothers and that it why it is called Matra Navami

25th September Sunday Dashmi Shradh - This Shradh puja is performed for those who had passed away on dashmi tithi

26th September Monday Ekadashi/Gyaras - On this day Tarpan is done for those who died on Ekadashi tithi

27th September Tuesday Dwadashi/Baaras Shradh puja is performed on this day for those who had died on Dwadashi tithi. This day is also dedicated for those who had taken uprenunciation or Sanyas before death. 

28th September Wednesday Magha/Trayodashi - This Shradh is performed for the peace Kakbali Balabhola of a deceased child or for those who had Teras Shradh passed away on Trayodashi tithi. This Shradh is performed when Magha Nakshatra prevails during Aparahan Kaal.

29th September Thursday Chaturdashi or Chaudas - This day is dedicated for those who had passed Shradh away on Chaudas tithi and for those who had died an unnatural death (murder/accident/suicide)

30th September Friday Sarva Pitru Amavasya - On this day Shradh is performed for all Sarva Pitru Moksha ancestors irrespective of how they died. If one Shradh/Amavasya Shradh is not able to perform Shradh on the requisite tithi for the deceased, he may perform it on Sarva Pitru Amavasya. 

1st October Saturday Nandi Shradh - On this day, Shradh is performed for maternal grandparents
On the last day of the Shradh, i.e, on the day of the Amavasya, the families collectively seek for blessings from their forefathers. In the evening, on that day, a diya is prepared out of flour (atta) and is lit as mark of Pitru Vidaai (final goodbye) to the departed souls. This procedure marks the resting of their souls in peace. 

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