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Vastu For Basement

Vastu For Basement

According to Vastu Shastra principles, constructing a basement in a residential property is not auspicious. The reason is that low lying rooms or empty spaces under the house are not lucky for the residents. But due to shortage of space, a basement has become a necessity in every household. Seeing the growing requirement of a basement in a residential property, Vastu advices not to use this area for living or sleeping purposes. There are certain guidelines which have been laid down by Vastu experts which should be followed while dealing with a basement in the house in order to keep negativity away which might arise due to its construction.

particular day, it is considered to be a good day for carrying out any good deed like the Griha Arambh puja. 

However, the auspicious time or the Shubh muhurat is calculated on the basis of the sunrise time for that particular geographical position. Generally, an auspicious muhurat lasts only for 3 to 4 minutes. The construction of any house is believed to be auspicious if it is commenced on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Sundays and Tuesdays should be avoided for the same.   

If the construction of the house is begun during the Shukla Paksha of the month, it bestows the owners with happiness, but on the contrary, if it is begun during Krishna paksha, it brings losses for the owners. 

A Vastu puja should be performed before beginning to live within any new place. The worship of the Vastu Purush should be conducted while beginning new construction or renovation work. Ashadh Shukla to Kartik Shukla is the period according to Hindu calendar when the gods are in sleep (Dev Shayan) and hence no construction work for temples, palaces or houses are to be conducted during this time. 
Vastu Muhurat Puja.


•    The north-east should be chosen to dig the foundation first as this direction needs to have a low and light level.

•    Only after the Bhumi puja the construction work of the building should be started. the south-west should be constructed first and then should be proceeded to north-west/south-east and should end in the north-east.

•    After the construction work is over, a Griha Pravesh puja should be conducted. This puja should always be done during the day time.

•    The months of January to June should be chosen for the Gruha pravesh in the new house. 

•    Tuesdays and Sundays are not considered auspicious for this puja. All other days can be chosen for the same.

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