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Vastu Shanti Puja

Vastu Shanti Puja

The puja or worship which is performed for the lords and deities of directions, the five elements of nature and the natural forces which govern our very existence and well being is what we call Vastu Shanti. This puja is performed as an attempt to remove all Vastu defects present within any given plot or structure so as to avoid unforeseen mishaps from happening in the future and for bringing about happiness, health, wealth and prosperity for the inmates and owners of the house or plot.

When Vastu shanti puja should be performed:

Vastu Shanti puja should be performed under the following circumstances:

•    When a property is chosen against Vastu parameters

•    When money short comings are experienced due to construction of building against Vastu principles

•    When the interiors o f the rooms of the building do not coincide with Vastu rules

•    When an old house is bought by a person

•    When the house or office building is renovated

•    When a decade has been passed living under the same house

•    After coming back from a trip abroad after a long time

•    While inaugurating a new house

Removal of Vastu Dosh (defects)

Remedies to remove Vastu Dosh within a residential or business place are as follows:

•    Performing Ganesh puja and Navgraha shanti puja of Vastu purush

•    Carrying out Navachandi Yagya, Shantipath and Agnihotra yagya 

•    Place a Vastu purush idol, a snake made of copper or silver wire, pearl and powla in a red cloth and keep it in the east direction of the house

•    A red sand cashew nut and powla should be tied on a red cloth and should be kept in the west direction on Tuesday. This should be worshipped with incense stick for bringing about peace in the house.

•    A proper prayer should be conducted to the Vastu Purursh seeking his permission before demolishing an old structure.

•    It should be kept in mind not to take an earthen pot, water or sear into the house during demolition.

•    The entrance step into the house should be worshipped everyday with Swastik and a symbol of Shubh-laabh using rice grains and kumkum. 

•    Homa, Rakhshoghna Sukta jaap and anusthan should be performed

•    ‘Om Namo Bhagavati Vastu Devtay Nmah’ this mantra should be recited everyday at least 108 times till 12,500 times is completed. It should be started from Tuesday. A Dasamsa Homa should be performed in the end.  

The difference in the sound vibrations of a bell and a shankh (conch)

The shankh and the bell are mainly used in every puja ritual for creating sound vibrations. However, the sound vibrations which are produced by the shankh are called Shankhanaad while that created by the bell is called Ghantanaad.
Both induce purity into the atmosphere. However, the only difference between the two is that the sound vibrations created by the bell tend to purify the atmosphere in the downward direction while the one coming out of the shankh purify the atmosphere in the upward direction.

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