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Vastu For Exteriors

Vastu For Exteriors

When Vastu of a house is considered, it includes the interiors as well as the exteriors with the same degree of importance. Hence, it is equally important to make the external surrounding of your house Vastu complaint in order to make life happy, prosperous and worth living for lifelong. Vastu lays down certain norms for the exteriors of your house which, if followed properly, can convert energies into positive vibrations. Good health, positivity, peace, harmony, all these benefits rest equally on the exterior set up of the property as well which too are responsible for all of it. This may include the direction in which the garden is placed, the fountain, the underground water tank placement, bore well, garage, staircase position and even the portico. Even the types of trees planted within the boundaries of a plot play a pivotal role in determining the correct Vastu for it. Many people even have the servant’s room outside their structure and the position and direction of the servant’s quarter would determine the nature and attitude of the servant to a great extent. Placing the servant in the wrong direction can let him dominate over his masters. Hence it is very important to judge the correct Vastu direction for the servant. 

Every section of the house, be it inside or outside the structure, has been expounded certain basic rules by Vastu Shastra which should be followed religiously to ensure happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. In order to expect desirable results from the position and placement of bore-wells, staircases, and servant’s room and so on, it is important to place then in the right direction as has been laid down by Vastu principles. 
Vastu for some common exterior elements of the house has been mentioned herein:

•    Overhead tanks- The south-west direction of a plot is considered unholy and heavy. Hence, in order to balance off this direction, the best is to place an overhead tank in this direction. No other direction should be chosen for positioned the overhead tanks.

•    Under-water reservoir- The north-east direction is ideal for placing the underground water reservoir because this direction is very sacred and should be kept clean and light. Hence, it is best advised to make the underground section here which includes having an underground water tank and a basement here. 

•    Watchman/servant’s room- The servant or watchman should be given accommodation in the south-west direction. Other than this, if the servant or watchman is placed in any other direction, it would change their tendency which in turn would lead to mishaps. 

•    Bore well/tube-well- The East, North or the North-east is suggested best for positioning the tube well or the bore well which would reap riches for the inmates of the house. If by chance these are placed in the south or the center of the house, It would lead to severe health issues for the head of the family.

•    Garage- The south-east or north-west are best recommended for constructing a garage. However, south-west and north should be completely avoided for the same at all costs.

•    Compound wall- The compound or the boundary wall is the main wall enclosing the structure. Hence, this wall should be taller and thicker than all other walls of the house. More so, the southern and western walls should be even taller so as to prevent the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun from penetrating into the house during the day time.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.