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Vastu Solution for Silent Enemies

Vastu Solution for Silent Enemies

Sometimes we are unable to spot our real problems and enemies because human mind sees what he wanst to see and becomes unaware of real problematic issues in life. Let us discuss some silent enemies.

1. Unfaithful enemies: We trust our partners, seniors and employees, but, it becomes dangerous when they betray us. Vaastu plays a major role in getting us associated with unfaithful people, count the corners of the room it should not be 6-7 in number. Also if you have a window or a door at your back, Chances are that you would be betrayed.

2. Debts and loans: Debts and loans take way the peace of mind. Let us decode the reason behind heavy debts and loans related to vaastu. North direction blockage is a big reason, while placing of heavy furniture’s on the north wall leads to loan related problems. Cluttering and less opening on the north wall are the vaastu defects.

3. Poverty: Lack of money in life is one of the powerful hassles. The north direction opens up the oppurtunities of money. Also check the water slopes it should not be towards southor south western direction. Let your time be in your place the wall clocks and claenders in north direction. All vaastu defects can be corrected without any demolition.