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Ancient Vastu Science Vs Modern Architectural science

Ancient Vastu Science Vs Modern Architectural science

Modern architecture usually focuses on the structural and civil engineering works, which characterise the strength and construction of a building. By integrating the modern architecture with the vedic treasures of vaastu, one can achieve the best of both worlds. By imbibing the principles of this powerful science in modern constructions, one can accomplish better working and living conditions. Vaastu brings in the positive effects of the subtle Natural energies and radiations, which help the inmates to enjoy better health, physical and emotional well-being and the achievement of desired growth, fame and recognition.

By creating a structural balance through vaastu, the inmates can enhance their visibility at work. Recognition and fame can be achieved by creating balanced zones in the house, where is a positive flow of energy. If the zone of fame and recognition in your home is weak or imbalanced, the person living in that house will not get recognition or appreciation for his work, irrespective of the amount of hard work he puts in.

Modern structures like industries can also be benefited from the knowledgeable science of vaastu. If proper vaastu principles are followed in the construction of factories and industries, once can achieve maximum productivity and control the frequent breakdown of machines. Applications of Vaastu are extended to all kinds of industries, like Steel, Garments, Textile, House-ware, Printing, Packaging, Petrochemical Refineries, and many more. And another important aspect that has to be controlled in the industries is the occurrence of accidents. Industrial accidents are supposed to happen if the north-east side of the building is elevated or is higher than the south-west side of the building. This kind of construction apparently irritates the Vaastu Purush and causes accidents to the inmates of the building.

Application of vaastu in industries is more complex when compared to its application at a house. This is because every industry is unique and the principles need to be studied in relation to the kind of industry. Live Vaastu gives suggestions in the construction of such modern industries after studying the industry and its processes thoroughly. When the industry is constructed by the application all the vaastu principles correctly, one can expect best performance at every stage of production.

If an industry or organization is burdened by legal disputes, the answer might lie in the vaastu of that building. Water sources like underground water tanks, water boring pipes etc, should not be placed in the south-eastern side of the building. As south-east is considered as the residence of Fire or Agni Deva, water elements should not be placed in that direction. Water and Fire are contradicting elements and their directions should not be interchanged.