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Vastu Tips For Buying House With Swimming Pool

Vastu Tips For Buying House With Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool attached to the house definitely speaks volumes about the luxury quotient of the property as well as the owner. However, many people do not give much importance to the Vastu aspect when it comes to pertaining to Vastu tips for buying house with swimming pool. They tend to randomly select any open space available with underground water tank or source as the site or location for the swimming pool within the plot. However a wrong location of the swimming pool can bring about ill luck and misfortune for the inmates.

Swimming pools have a strong water element attached to them. Hence, this needs to be handled with great care so as to balance the energies positively and correctly. It is therefore recommended to follow Vastu tips for buying house with swimming pool. The location the swimming pool should also comply with Vastu guidelines. 

Ideal locations for a swimming pool with a house:

•    Swimming pools are best located in the Ishan corner or the northeast portion of the plot. 

•    If the northeast corner is not available, the next best option is the eats or the north directions. 

•    Northeast to east side and northeast to north side swimming pools are very auspicious and are believed to bring in fortune and good luck for the inmates of the house.

•    There should not be any connection of the swimming pool to the west or the south direction even if it is connected with the Ishan or the east corners. For example, southeast location is also not advisable for a swimming pool. This should be avoided at all costs. 

Swimming pools on upper floors of a house:

•    It is a very common practice these days in most modern homes to build the swimming pool on the upper floors or the terrace. However, from the Vastu concepts point of view and also keeping in mind the engineering design, it is not considered a good placement at all.

•    If you tend to buy a house with the swimming pool on the terrace, get proper Vastu corrections and remedies done for the same before using it. 

Swimming pool in a corner of the house:

•    It is always preferable to have a swimming pool in a corner than at the centre of a plot.

•    A corner placed swimming pool always has better energy balances

•    An added privacy is acquired when a swimming pool is positioned in the corner of a plot.

•    Hence, it is best to have a swimming pool placed in the north-east corner of a plot within the premises of a house.

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