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Vastu Tips for Main door

Vastu Tips for Main door

Q What are the rules of vaastu for the main door of the building?

A: Other than seeing the auspicious directions for the main door we must see that the main door should be bigger and beautiful than the other doors available in the house. There must be a difference in size and looks from other doors. It should be cleaned, should not be worn out. Main door is the face of the house or structure. Maa Lakshmi and good energy when enters the house it likes beautiful doors. And we all know that we are evauled by our face first.

Door should be beautified by the auspicious symbols like Symbol of Kalash with coconut on it, Maa Lakshmi’s Charan (Feet) pointing towards the house, Swastika with ridhi sidhhi and shubh laabh written on both sides of it, Swastika is symbolized as Ganesha, Riddhi and Sidhi are his two wives, Subh and Laabh are his two sons. Toran and Bhandanwar is a good ornament for the main door, it invites good luck and also wards off the bad energies.

Lighting a diya outside the door is good practice. This should be done at the sunset. This practice wards away the negative energies coming in. It works as a security against the evil forces.

The main door should open inside towards the left. This opening let’s the energy comes in very freely. Doors opening towards the right or outside are not considered good.
Another point is when you open the main door make sure there is no other door in front of it this rule is applicable both inside and outside the door.
The size of the main door is also a point; the ratio of length and breath should be in 1:2.