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Check Vastu before Buying a New Flat

Check Vastu before Buying a New Flat

When you are buying a flat there are certain vaastu conditions you should keep in mind

- Main Gate of Society: The main gate of the society/building should not be in the south western part of the plot and face a big building. It should not face a t-junction either. If these conditions exist, the residents of that society building can face unnecessary obstacles.

- Plot Side: Check the side of the plot where the building is elevated. if the northern or eastern areas are elevated, energy flows can be affected .by elevating the northern and eastern areas ,the southern and western area are lowered and lightened and result in leakage of energies.

- Water Source: Swimming pools should be towards the north of the plots. Same rule applies to the tennis lawns, clubs and other meeting areas. Gymnasiums can be made in the northwest side of the plot.

- Hot tip: when checking which side your flat faces, check the main door when you come out of your main door, the direction you face is your main facing direction.

- Stairs: If the stairs that leads to your flat end right before your door, it could imply impediments in the flow of good luck. To avoid this ,have a spotlight on your main door.

- Main Door of your Flat: There should not be a door of another flat just in front of your main door. No sharp edges of wall of another flat or any other architecture. No pillars in front of the main door.

In case your building has ground floor parking, avoid occupying the first floor as your houses come with an inbuilt vaastu defect---it does not have a solid base.

In some of the flats, standing at the main door gives you a complete view of the toilet. This is bad as the luck coming in from the main door is welcomed and flushed down the toilet. When taking up a house ensure that entire house is not visible from the main door –your bedroom and bathroom should remain hidden.

Quick checks-

Toilets and stores: Never in the northeast
Kitchen: Should be in south or southeastern directions.
Bedrooms: South or western directions
Beams: Should never be overhead when sleeping or sitting