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Vastu Tips For Servant Room

Vastu Tips For Servant Room

Servant Room

Domestic help has been an integral part of the Indian culture since the Vedic period, and probably even before. The bigger the house, the higher the number of servants required for its upkeep.

Direction and Placement: The best location for the servant room or quarter is on the west side of the house. (Why?) This direction is considered a neutral neither strong nor it is weak direction. The north and east directions are very pious and pure so servant can not be placed there. The south and southwest directions are very strong, placing the servant in these directions gives him power that it is said that who so ever is living in the south and southwest direction, the earth luck is shared by the person. So giving the place to servant in the southwest makes the owner share the earth luck with the servant. Servant becomes little dominant and stubborn if he placed in the southwest. Some people have an opinoen that servant should be kept in the northwest corner of the building, but that place is not stable, it is analysed that if servants are kept in the northwest they tend to leave place early and more turn out of servant are there. That is why west could be considered as best direction for the servant.

In any case, housing for the domestic help should not be provided in the north or the east. Moreover, they should definitely not be located in the southwest, as they may overpower the house owners in terms of position. If the garage is located in the northwest, it can be converted into a room for the servants.

Servants should not be given place just above your bedroom. It makes the servant share your luck and try to dominate the owner. Note: Servants should not be allowed to sleep in the kitchen.