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Vastu for Stairs- Points to Consider When Constructing Stairs

Vastu for Stairs- Points to Consider When Constructing Stairs

Stairs play a major role in a building, and are a topic of great significance and sensitivity in vaastu science. Energies filled with the forces of life climb the stairs of a house and make their way throughout its internal structure.

Here are some points to consider when constructing stairs are as follows:

- Direction and Placement: The staircase should always head towards a clockwise direction, as anticlockwise stairs bring in bad energies. It signifies that the time circle of the inmates is going in a reverse action. The best location for stairs is in the south, southwest and northwest sections of a house. Do not place stairs in the northern portion of a building.

- Number of Steps: The number of steps in a staircase should be always odd, i.e. numbers like 5, 9, 11, 15, 21 and so on.

- No Picture On Stairs: Do not hang any pictures of gods or goddesses at the start, middle or end of the staircase. Also, do not hang pictures of any human being (family or friends) under the stairs. (Why in the case of the latter?) For hanging the pictures of god this is not an auspicious place, because it has different levels, and all the levels are occupied by the feet and steps of human beings. Other wise there is a simple logic gods should not be place here and there, they should have a respectable place . The stair hall is not a  stable area so human being pictures are also not viable here.

- No Spiral Staircase: Spiral staircases are not auspicious and should be avoided. (Why?) Spiral staircase encircle the building and bind it with the un-auspicous energies. This is not advisable.

Door with stairs: Providing a door at the head of a staircase is considered propitious.

Avoid constructing stairs in front of the main gate of a house or building. (Why?) Stairs just in front of the main gate signifies that the good luck and energy climbs to the stairs and do not circulate in the lower structure. The best circulation of energy is made in a zigzag form. This opening one opening and one closing.

Under the Stairs:

  • 1 Do not build a toilet or sitting area under the stairs. This is considered to be very unlucky. You can, however, create a storage space here.
  • 2 Do not make a kitchen under the stairs. The prosperity of the house is stagnated and burdened.
  • 3 Do not ever make a puja place or a meditation space under the stairs, it has regular burdens running on it.