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Basic Vastu Tips for Good Life

Basic Vastu Tips for Good Life

Q I usually get confused about Vaastu principles. Are there any basic Vaastu tips for a good life?
Ans: There are some basic Vaastu practices that you can follow.

1. De-Clutter: Clutter causes stress, and drains you physically, mentally and emotionally. To identify clutter, ask yourself if the object is both operational and aesthetic. If it is neither, it is clutter. Remove any thing that has been out of use for long time or looks bad.

2. Corners: Check what lies in the four corners of your room. The northeast and northwest corners of the room should be light and empty. The southeast corner of the room should not have any water element, like a refrigerator, as it represents Agni.

3. Irritating noises: Creaking sounds of door and windows kills the positive energy so check it.

4. Mirrors: Do not use Mirrors in the bedrooms, if you can’t avoid doing so, keep the mirror in such a position that it does not reflect you while sleeping. This prevents quarrels between couples. Mirrors are best on the north and east walls.

5. Dead things: It is very common that the non-working wall clocks are hanged in our places this signifies the dead and negative energies. Non working, nonfunctional electronic gadgets are dead things. Clear those from your place stop negative energies. Dried flowers kept in your vases also create negative energies.

6. Lighting: Darkness breed’s dullness, depression and tensions. Once in the evening even for a small time all the lights of house should be switched on. It vanishes the essence of darkness. The last corner and the Northeast corner of the house should always well lit.