The Power of Saturn

The Power of Saturn

Saturn’s mean distance from Earth is 14.11x10^8 kms. The nearest distance of Saturn from Sun is 13.29x10^8 kms and farthest distance from Sun is 14.93x10^8 kms. It completes one revolution around the Sun in 29.46 years. Hence a year on Saturn is almost 30 times to that of a year on Earth! Moreover, the mass of Saturn is 95.14 times that of Earth, volume 743.7 times that of Earth and its density is only 0.7 times that of water! Saturn is one of the extravagant planets when it comes to the moon, with the number of satellites being 10. Titan and Lapetus are most massive satellites of Saturn, almost the size of a small planet themselves. Titan is about the same size as the planet Mercury with a diameter of 4777 kms. On the other hand, the diameter of Lapetus is 1752 kms. Saturn is the only planet that is surrounded by concentric rings, three of them. These rings are separate and there is only black empty space in between any two rings. When it comes to looks, Saturn appears like a blue ball with 3 yellow rings.

Saturn is the chief governing entity of longevity and hence it is often referred to as Yama. In mythologies, Saturn is the father of Gulika and Mandi and is also known as Neelan and Lord Shiva, primarily due to its radiant blue color, same as that of Shiva. Moreover, it is also considered as the son of Sun and some people even believe that the planet is a representation of Brahma himself. When it comes to nature, Saturn is the counterpart of Jupiter. This is due to the notion that Jupiter is a destructor while Saturn applies pressure and expands. Saturn is also considered to hold the keys of both Heaven and Hell and is thus known as St Peter. Saturn is a planet of delay, but quite ironic it rules over hard and laborious work as well as over responsible positions and careers.

The planet is often a manifestation of barren, binding, cold, constant, dry, defensive, hard, nervous and secretive. In terms of directions, it is the lord of the West and governs the period of Shishir Ritu through February and March. Associated colors are blue, jet black, and indigo. The dark colors are a depicter of the fact that it reigns over poverty, misfortune death, unending problems, delays, hindrances, chronic and lingering diseases, old age etc. and is thus also considered as an evil entity in the astronomical world.

When we study the looks of the native, it is revealed that Saturn gives him/her dark color, thin built, prominent veins, thick nails, protruding teeth, coarse and thick hair as well as long hands and feet. From the face, the native appears quite mature and older than his actual age. Saturn is also associated with negative traits like being dirty, angry, dreadful, foolish, full of wrinkles and a talebearer. Moreover, the native also tends to be merciless and melancholic. Saturn also makes one a little deaf.

Parts of the body represented by Saturn are the right ear, obstruction of bodily fluids, obstruction in urine and retention of waste materials, hardening of the synovial membrane, teeth, bones, knees, spinal chord, hair, and growth.

In the case when Saturn is afflicted according to Vastu, it causes delays, disappointment, disharmony, dispute, despondency, dejection, differences, distrust etc. It gives persistent bad luck, up-hill struggles, sorrows, and disappointments. It also makes the native drunkard, gambler, lazy and lethargic.

On the other hand, when Saturn is beneficial as per Vastu Shastra, it gives good qualities like endurance, economy, thrift, patience, perseverance, a power of retaining secrets, permanence, stability, self-control, sense of duty towards God and man, accuracy and precaution in all matters. It develops in an individual truth, charity, power of meditation and concentration, sincerity, prudence, asceticism etc.

The diseases indicated by Saturn are cancer, paralysis, sciatica, Bright’s disease, colds, deafness, tooth decay, diphtheria, insanity, rheumatism, asthma, consumption, defective speech, catarrh, gallstones, a curvature of the spine, hemorrhoids, asthma, gout, skin disease, fracture etc.

The products represented by Saturn are kerosene, petrol, coal, mine ores, leather, hides, skin, wood, potato, black pulses, barley, rye, mustard oil, wine, black articles, plantain, ivy, hemp, hellebore, aconite, thistle, leguminous seeds.

Saturn represents animals like cat, asses, hare, wolves, bear, crocodile, serpents and venomous creatures, buffaloes, camels. It also represents birds like the eel, sea fish, bats, and owls.

Saturn represents places like hills, forests, deserts, caves, dens and old and ruined buildings, churches, temples, trenches, wells, stinking places, slum areas, dirty places tanning factories, bone factory etc.

Precious gems/ metals represented by Saturn are blue sapphires, amethyst, iron, lead, steel, and antimony. Native whose lord of the ascendant is Saturn can wear the ring of blue sapphire in gold in the middle finger in the constellation of Saturn.

Saturn is one of the most dreaded planets in astronomy and subjects are often scared to know that their Saturn Dasha is about to start. Saturn is indeed a malefic planet who takes control of the karmic actions of natives as a judge. Saturn is supposed to have an evil effect wherever it rests.

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