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Best Tips For The South Direction

Best Tips For The South Direction

- The south has always been considered to be a bad direction but this is not true. The corresponding planet for this direction is Mangal (Mars). The owner of this direction is Yama, the Lord of death who is also in charge of legal affairs. According to Vastu Shastra, the south drastically affects the growth of financial prospects, career and business. The south is actually the storehouse for the energies that emanate from the north and hence there should be no openings in this area. Although this direction is owned by Lord Yama, the God of death, it can be made prosperous with effective Vastu solutions.

- As a Vastu expert I suggest the south portion of a house should mostly be covered and devoid of any large openings so as to ensure no leakage of the positive energies coming from the North direction. There should not be large glass elevations or clear glass doors in the south so as to avoid the seepage of harsh solar energies from this direction which in turn cause lethargy and restlessness among the inmates of the house.

7 best Vastu tips for an excellent south are as follows:

  • South facing structures and plots should have a central entrance. Entry into the premises or building from the southwest is a serious Vatsu defect as it creates financial problems and delays in every aspect of life. The positive magnetic energies coming in from the northeast also tend to leak out of the property if there are openings in the south west.
  • Avoid positioning the main entrance in this direction. Entry from the south-east is also not advisable as per Vastu principles as this would result in causing litigation and taxation issues and occurrence of fire-related mishaps.
  • South-east is the direction for fire and hence should be utilized only for fire-related activities like cooking, placing generators, electrical and heat related equipments and so on. Fire being highly potent can be highly constructive as well as destructive; hence it should be used in a favorable manner to avoid serious mishaps in one’s life.
  • The southeast part of the structure should be used for the kitchen as this direction is controlled by the Lord of fire. The placement of the kitchen should be such that while cooking, the cook can keep an eye on the main entrance and courtyard of the house to keep a check on what is happening around. The center portion of the south can be used as the dining and drawing area.
  • The southwest should be occupied by the head of the family as the master bedroom. This helps in sucking up the ill-effects of this direction.
  • A store in the south is considered a good idea as this direction needs to be blocked, especially for people living in a joint family. Placing lots of furniture and closets can also prove beneficial in stabilizing the energies in this area. Avoid open spaces in the south like lawns and gardens, use the north for these.
  • Water related things like water borings, underground water tanks, pumps etc should be avoided in the south. 

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