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North East Direction Do’s & Don’ts as per Vastu Shatra

North East Direction Do’s & Don’ts as per Vastu Shatra

What not to be done in the Northeast.

- No toilets in this area as it is related to fore head of vastu purush, this leads to poverty, chronic illness, surgeries, accidents etc.

- If there is no corner in North East, i.e. North & East directions are in parallel, the occupant of the structure does not have contention. There could be conception and pregnancy problems in the family. Conception taken during this room may give miscarriages or creates fears for birth of mentally retarded children.

- Northeast should not be closed or blocked by construction. This leads to blockages and stagnation in income and money growth. If the Northeast corner is plain and there are hole pits in Southwest corner this will lead to problems.

- There should not be big pillars or construction in northeast in comparison to South West. If the doors in North are less in number and even lesser in size in comparison to the southern directions it creates a vaastu defects and give growth and expenditure related problems.

- In case of North facing building the elevation of the building should not be higher in the frontal sides. Creating elevation like this is creating the vaastu defects.

- One should never make overhead water tank in Northeast corner.

- Never construct a kitchen, garage, storeroom, staircase or elevated platform in the northeast, also ensure that the north east corner is not rounded.

- Do not position transformer or Generator in northeast.

What you can do in the Northeast.

- Make a pooja room. Study room and children room or main entrance in the north east.

- Keep under ground water tank in North east corner.

- Slope in the Northeast corner is very good.

- Natural pits in the Northeast are very auspicious.

- Leave as much open space as you can in North, East and North east.

While working face North, East and Northeast. but avoid sleeping  towards North &   North East as it will disturb your sleep.