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What is Rudraksha ?

What is Rudraksha ?

A. Rudraksha is also known as elaeocarpus ganitrus. It is a tropical plant and is found at the foothills of mountains such as Himalayas. It is mainly found in south and South East Asia. Rudraksha are evergreen trees and grow in cold regions but it mainly grows during summer months.

B. The tree of Rudraksha grows in such a way that the crown takes the  shape of a pyramid. It is believed in almost every religion that any thing that has a pointed crown or top attracts great energy. This is primary reason why all the holy places, be it a temple or a mosque or even church have pointed tops.

C. Due to its structure the Rudraksha tree gathers a lot of positive energy. They mainly grow at the foothills of Himalaya therefore they attract even more positive energy. This is why Rudraksha is said to be very auspices. 

D. The seeds of Rudraksha is used to make rosaries of 108 beads. These rosaries are used in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. 

- Cultural beliefs 

The word Rudraksha comes from the words Rudra or shiva and aksha is teardrops.there is a very interesting tale about the origin of this plant and how it got its name. 

It so happened that in the beginning of rimes shiva sat on the mountain meditating. After years and years of his deep meditation when he finally woke up he experienced a profound bliss. In fact the moment was so enchanting that tears of joy slipped from his eyes. These drops of tear reached the foothills of the mountains and germinated into Rudraksha trees. This is how the tree got its name. 

I had been to Sri Lanka once and there I saw this giant tree of Rudraksha. It reminded me, in so many ways, of Pashupatinath himself. 

It’s trunk is greyish in colour as if covered in ashes or bhasm. The trunk is cylindrical in shape with snake like outgrowth that surrounds the trunk as if the snakes have hugged the trunk. At the base of the tree the roots look like the jatas of lord shiva. The leaves are broad, green and shiny in contrast to the grey trunks resembling the contrasts of Pashupatinath himself. 

- Interesting facts

Before adorning the Rudraksha it has to undergo a purification process. Rudraksha is first dipped in coconut water processed by milk, ghee, curd and finally water. The round seeds are called Rudraksha while the oval ones are named  Bhadraksh. 

Rudraksha, when suspended by a string and held over a glass of pure water, moved clockwise.  Whereas, when a minute quantity of colourless and odourless poison was mixed to the water, the Rudraksha moved in anti-clock direction. 

Rudraksha found in Nepal is generally bigger in size than the ones found in India and Indonesia. 

Rudraksha is considered very helpful for the travellers. Rudraksha is known to bind your energy so outside energy does not effect you.  Travellers carrying Rudraksha are shielded by their own energy that is why they don’t feel the sleep deprivation while on the move. 

Energy transmitted by Rudraksha boost physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

It is seen that Rudraksha shows its effects within 48 hours of wearing. 

Five faced or ‘panch Mukhi ‘ Rudraksha can be worn by anyone but before wearing any other Rudraksha it is better to consult a professional as it can have harmful effects


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