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Shankhini-A Special Type Of Shankha

Shankhini-A Special Type Of Shankha

There is yet another special shankha which is regarded as the female shankha or shankhini. It is neither used for puja rituals nor for blowing. It has a thorny and rough surface and does not emit a very pleasant sound. The science of spirituality taboos the use of female shankha or shankhini for blowing or puja ritual, but what is the reason behind it, let us find out.

The shankhini has many crisscross circles on its inner surface which tend to create an obstruction in the flow of the sound vibrations when blown. Also, when the sound vibrations are created on blowing the shankha, they rub against these rough circles and create distressing frequencies which in turn activate the already present distressing frequencies in the atmosphere. Both these distressing frequencies- the one created from blowing the shankhini and the other already present in the atmosphere- get attracted to the place of worship thereby making the surrounding impure. It is due to this reason that shankhini is not preferred for blowing or for puja rituals. However, Aghori Vidya followers (people worshipping to accumulate black energy) tend to make use of this shankhini in an attempt ot attract negative energy while commencing their puja ritual. 

Ritualistic Worship Of The Shankha

There is even a specific rule for keeping the shankha as mentioned in our Puranas. It is the pointed portion of the shankha which should face the deity when kept.  This is because the pointed portion of the shankha attracts the energy and chaitanya frequencies emanating from the images of the deities. It has been seen that the blue color of Lord Krishna’s image gets attracted to the shankha. This tends to produce an armor of Krishnatattva around the conch shells. Also, it is seen that the red colored frequencies of energy circulate around the shankha space in a round format. It is the other end of the shankha from where the frequencies and the energues are emitted which purify the atmosphere and even benefit the worshipper as well as the others presents there.  

It is believed that the house gets the right amount of energy required from the other end of the shankha when it is kept with its pointed portion facing towards the deity. 
Ritualistic worship of the shankha 

just before the puja ritual, a shankha is filled with water. Then the puja of the kalash is performed. Then sandalwood paste, flowers and tulsi leaves are offered in a ritualistic fashion on to the shankha. Then the water of the shankha is used to sprinkle on the worshipper himself after the puja paraphernalia for the shankha has been performed.  This water of the shankha is regarded to be as holy and pure as the holy waters of the sacred river Ganga. So pure is this water that it is even used for making the deities have a holy bath (abhishek).

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