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Vastu Tips For Good Behaviour

Vastu Tips For Good Behaviour

Good Behaviour

Good Behaviour of a Family Person: A family person should observe good behaviour without good bhavior a person can’t get happiness.  Our ancient scripture tells us about three types of good behaviour. If a person leads a life with good behavior, he can get Siddhi in this and the other world.

Good Behaviour Related to Wealth: Controlling the mind, a person should save one-fourth of his income for Paarlaukik Laabh. With half of his income he can do his daily activities and own maintenance. One-fourth of his income should be kept as saving for future. It leads to success.

Good Behaviour in Daily Life as Suggested by Markandeya Purana

  • Wake up before sun rise and think of religion and earning wealth in a honest way.
  • Also think about the trouble that you are taking for earning wealth.
  • Remember the almighty God
  • Then get up from the bed
  • Become fresh and take bath
  • Perform morning Sandhya
  • Also similarly perform evening Sandhya
  • Don’t talk dirty
  • Don’t tell a lie
  • Don’t accept atheism
  • Don’t support bad people
  • Perform Havan in the morning and in the evening controlling your mind
  • Don’t look at the sun during sun rise and sun set
  • Activities like combing hair, looking at mirror, brushing teeth, should be done before noon only
  • As per the rituals worship God, forefathers, people and other birds, animals and get ready to have food

Good Behaviour While having Food:

  • Wash your hands and feet, and have food facing East or North. Silence should be maintained while having food.
  • Don’t think about something else while having food. 
  • Don’t take salt separately while having food
  • Don’t eat extremely hot food
  • Don’t have food while standing or walking
  • Don’t touch cow, people, fire and own body while having food
  • While having food, don’t look intentionally towards sun, moon and the stars
  • Don’t touch someone else’s plate

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