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Disobedient Employees And Subordinates?

Disobedient Employees And Subordinates?

A. It is a big heart ache for those people whose subordinates and juniors disobey them. It depends a lot on the environment remuneration provided. But vaastu also plays a big role. Check the northwestern corner of your place it should not be burdened. It should not be elevated in comparison to the southeastern side of plot. Also check that which part of the structure of you had give to your juniors and staff. If you had placed your people in the southwestern sides, they become more powerful and try to dominate. As the employee relationship grow the ego problems rises and gives a clash between the employer and employee.

B. Recognition: You earn lots of money, but do know you? You have a thrust to be recognized by your work in the society, but some thing is stopping you. People do not acknowledge your doings and your achievements. You should check the kitchen of you house. If it is available in the southwestern directions it is harmful. In the same way heat furnaces, electricity generators kept in the southwest area in an industry gives bad effects. Fire in the southwestern corner spoils your efforts and achievements. The magnetic energy restored here gets burned.

C. Irregular /unstable business: Well experienced marketing staff but still not getting the right results. Putting best efforts but not able to mature deals. At the last of the deal some other competitor carries always the business. Check which direction the marketing staff face in there office, If it is south certainly they will not be paid for the efforts. Make them sit towards the north direction. Also see they do not have any obstruction in front of them like a wall or cupboard just in front of them. Also check the main door of the marketing office, to which direction it opens.

D. Disputes: Disputes is a big tension in industry, it hinders the growth of the company without any reasons. Check your Northeast direction may have some fireworks or heat generating equipments. This is one of the causes for frequent labor disputes in your industry or office. Lots of business houses have legal disputes much of time is wasted in legal disputes with clients, one case gets closed and other is raised in this problem check your water sources. Is your water borings, underground water tanks are in southeastern direction of the plot? Southeast is the fire place, its owner is lord Agnidev. Fire and water are both anti elements and does not remain happy with each other. Giving place to water in place of fire is like having an enemy.

E. Accidents: Sudden setback, vehicle accidents, kitchen accidents and Factory or machine accidents these all are very much unwanted problems. One should check the placement of toilets in the building structure, it is coming in northeastern parts it is serious vaastu defect. Toilets in northeast create chances of accidents and major surgeries for the inmates of the building structure. If you have a kitchen in northeast of your house it can give serious head injuries or diseases. Similarly furnaces, heaters or ovens in commercial establishments and factory give rise to labor accidents. keep the vaastu alive to avert the accidents, life is really precious.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.