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Vaastu for kitchen-Direction And Placement

Vaastu for kitchen-Direction And Placement

Your kitchen is very vital part of the house. The Food, which is cooked in the kitchen, is the source of energy for the whole house. It is even said that the mental status of the cook defines the quality and strength of the food cooked. Vaastu believes the fire is a very strong element and to be used and utilized very carefully.

Direction and Placement of Kitchen

The best placement of the kitchen is in the fire corner of the house that is the Southeast corner of the plot. Lord Agnidev owns the Southeast the deity for Fire. If try understand the logic for this consoler as fire corner it is again very simple. The sun rises from the eastern direction and gives the ultra violet rays, which are good, soothing, and healthy rays. But when the sun reaches the southeastern directions it emanates fire like rays, which are very strong energies, which are called infrared rays. This could be a fare reason to work with fire in a direction, which is comparable to fire.

where should not we place a kitchen: Kitchen placement in the Northeastern is worst and a big defect in vaastu analysis. The Northeast direction is the source of subtle magnetic energies and fire works burn these energies. Lots of health problems arise in the inmates of this house. Kitchen in this corner is a strict no.

Kitchen placement in the northwest again is vaastu a defect. Lord Vayudev owns this place; the expenses in the family are increased.

Inside The Kitchen

Gas Stove Placement: The best direction to face while cooking is east direction. The food prepared while facing east becomes very healthy. In any case the gas stove should not be placed in the northeastern corner of the kitchen.

Water Source: The only direction to use water sources is north direction that is the north wall. Water sinks; water purifiers and all water storages should be made in the north wall.

Colors: The colors should be in brighter shades; it should not be dull and not to dark also. best shades are fiery shades. Blue, Sky blue, aquamarine and watery shades should be avoided in the kitchen.

Lights And Ventilation: Proper lighting should be made available in the kitchen; yellow lights are good in the kitchen. Light avoids insects and negativity. Ensure proper ventilation and day lighting from the east. Also make sure that there is sufficient artificial lighting.

Storage of Grains: The best direction for storage in kitchen is south and western walls all the closets should be made on these walls only.

Kitchen Door: The door should be given in the northern wall of the kitchen, windows of the north and east walls is very prosperous and brings healthy energies in the kitchen. Take care that while cooking there should be no door behind the back of the cook.

Dinning: having meals in the kitchen is auspicious for the inmates of the should face north while eating.

Live vaastu tip: Offer the first part of food to the stove, another part to a cow and then to a dog. This counters the effects of the bad karma.

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