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Best Vastu Tips For The Dining Room

Best Vastu Tips For The Dining Room

- These days we often find that either due to shortage of space or due to the general architectural layout, the dining room usually presents itself as an extension of the drawing room. The dining room is an area where the members of a family enjoy their meals, and thus it plays an important role in promoting health and harmony among the family members. Mealtimes are the times when the family gets together for the first and the last meals of the day and enjoy each other’s company. The importance of dining room has increased nowadays, thanks to the hectic pace of life, as family members hardly find time to spend with one another. The dining room is where they eat a nourishing meal which benefits all of them in every manner. Relationships within the family get strengthened when the family sits and eats together. Vastu Shastra lays down certain rules which make this place harmonious and worth enjoying for the family.

- Mealtimes are the best times as they make you connect with your family. The 8 best Vastu tips for the dining room are as follows:

   Try to face the east, north, north-east or north-west while having food as these are very auspicious directions

   Vastu Shastra suggests display of fresh fruits on the dining table at all times.

   Installing a large mirror on the eastern wall of the dining rooms that it reflects the fruit and food laid out on the table has a multiplying effect. This brings in prosperity. 

   Sharp utensils such as knives and scissors should be kept covered at all times. Displaying these or leaving them out in the open can give rise to bad or unpleasant relationships with family and friends. Similarly, pickles should be kept in a covered place as an open display can create sourness in relationships. 

   The dining table should not be visible from the main door. A curtain or a false partition can be used as a screen. 

6    Make sure that the furniture in the dining room does not overshadow the dining table, which should stand out. This enhances the family’s prosperity.

   Focus lighting on the dining table from the ceiling also helps increase prosperity. Displaying medicines is again a strict no-no; remember, what you see, so you get. 

   Avoid placing the dining table along a wall, it should have enough space on all sides. Also, the dining table should have an even number of chairs i.e, two, four, six, and eight and so on. This is believed to be auspicious.  

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