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Vastu Tips For Defects Of South East

Vastu Tips For Defects Of South East

* South East Direction is the direction of the fire element. Hence, it is considered to be the provider of zest and zeal which enables humans to prosper financially, health-wise and also to maintain and grow their personal relationships. Any Vastu defects in this direction would lead to major grievances like financial losses, marital disharmony and health issues as well. The south-east being ruled by the Fire element, it is best to make a kitchen in this direction.

Vastu defects that can take place in the south-east direction:

1. Placing a toilet in the south-east
2. Positioning a bedroom here
3. South-east having a cut or an extension
4. Slope in the south-east
5. the entrance of the home placed in the south east direction
6. Problems which occur due to defects of Vastu in the south east direction:

7. A wrongly made south-east can lead to major fire accidents and health related issues like heart diseases, depression and even suicidal tendencies

* Personal money as well as financial losses are quite possible when the south east direction of the house is not Vastu compliant and is at fault
Various social issues can even arise due to a faulty south-east like misunderstanding between couples leading to a divorce, constant quarrels among family members, legal hassles, extra marital affairs, police cases and so on

* If the toilet happens to be in the south-east, it is best to place a Vastu pyramid on the south or east walls outside the toilet. Also, the toilet door should be kept closed at all times and one should avoid using this toilet or bathroom as far as possible.

* If there happens to be a bedroom in the south-east, it is advised that the bed should be moved to the south-west corner of the room, keeping it a little away from the corners and the walls. Make sure to sleep with your head towards the south and the feet facing the north direction while sleeping, however, it would be best to shift the bedroom from this direction.

* If there happens to be a cut in the south-east direction, one should place four Vastu pyramids on each wall of the home for every direction viz north, south, east and west. If there is a slope towards the south-east, the height of the floor should be increased so that the slope is directed towards the north and not towards the south.

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