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Vastu for Balanced and Better Life

Vastu for Balanced and Better Life

The term vaastu is very popular and is also known by the name of vaastu shastra. By this some people think that vaastu is an orthodox method of living. But they have misunderstood the concept. Vaastu means perfect balance between all the five elements i.e. Earth, water, fire, space, and air, also balance between all the subtle energies prevailing in the environment. These subtle energies cannot be seen but can be sensed. Understanding the subtle energies which are electro magnetic energies, solar energies, gravitational energies, these are all cosmic truths if these are in harmony they create good vaastu environment and improve the quality of our life.

By deep studies and research Dr Chawla has confined that vaastu is a lifestyle in which we can blend the ancient system of vaastu and logical system of energies to make a formula for a better living. It can be defined as a guide for healthy architecture, which includes forms, shapes, scales, colors, sources and out flows of water etc. and balance in subtle energies.

Let us share some of the life problems which can arise due to vaastu defects.

1. Do you feel suffocated in your house/office?

It generally happens when you move out of your place you feel good, free and energizing. Some places have very dull energies, one feels depressed and low in energies.
See that your Northwest corner of the plot is elevated or heavy in comparison to the Southeastern part. How is your Southwestern part? Check the floor levels of the Southwestern and Northeastern directions. If the floor levels of southwestern are lower it creates a vaastu defect.See the magnetic energy line which is diagonally flowing from the northeastern corner should not be blocked or burdened by a pillar, staircase or heavy good store.

2. Do you feel stagnated growth in you life?

Putting in strong efforts everyday but not getting the desired results. You feel stagnated growth, your business is not growing the way it should be. You are not getting the promotions, even when you have worth. Check your main entries, your main gate, main door may not come in Southwestern corner of the plot. Southwest is an end it should not be a start. Magnetic energy starts from northeast and ends at the southwest if a door or gate is provided here the energy gets leaked. Sun rises from east and sets in the southwest again referring this corner as an end.

3. Do you feel that everybody oppose you in your home and office?

In home you are a father or a son, in office you may be the boss or a subordinate, but you feel that you are always been opposed. You may have the authority but can not use it properly, No body obeys you. See what is at your back. If there is a window or a door at you you back when you sit or sleep, this gives you in stability and makes you powerless. Check in which facing you are sitting. If you are sitting towards the west facing you are loosing the hold on energies. Also see which roo you are occupying. If it is a northwest room, you will not feel stable here. You can not get dominating powers here.

4. Do you feel you and your family has many health problems?

All wealth is a of no use if you do not maintain good health. Again wealth is wasted on medical expenditure. Regular health problems, major surgeries, accidents are big problems and tensions. Check your toilets. In any case toilet should not be placed in the northeastern part of the plot or room. Northeastern direction is considered very pious. It is very sensitive corner and should not be made dirty.