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Vastu For Office Construction

Vastu For Office Construction

* When we talk about Vastu for office construction, it can be pertaining to any kind of business including computer and software industries or even educational institutions. Following Vastu for office construction would ensure a smooth functioning of the same at every level. 

1. In case of computer and software industries, they present an interesting case. Since everything they do is involved with electronics, it is quite tempting to attempt to squeeze the whole business into the south east corner. Obviously this is impractical but computer manufacturers should at least have their core components manufactured and assembled in the South east sector. The office where key business decisions are made can be located in the East and south east.

2. Unlike computer hardware manufacturers, the software industry is involved with information and knowledge. Its key activities can thus be centered on the east section of the office or site.  In other respects, the computer and software industry follows the regular precepts of industrial or commercial Vastu.

3. Coming to educational institutions, here the main roads ought to be in the east and west and the site itself should be a right-angled rectangle if possible. The main entrance should always be in the east and north east, never in the south. The reception desk should be in the south and south west sector of the main entrance. The largest buildings ought to be on the southwest or south sectors of the site.

4. The principal’s office should be in the south west corner with the entrance to his office in the east or north east direction. The staff rooms should be in the northwest and the bathrooms and toilets can also be placed here. Toilets can be in the west too.

5. The classrooms should be  in the north and the north-east, with the blackboard on the east  wall so that everybody faces east- the direction from which light and wisdom emanate. Libraries and laboratories should be in the west but preferable on different floors. The library being heavier should be on the lower level if possible. 

6. Administrative offices should fit in the east or the north side. Playgrounds should also be to the east and the west. 

7. Dormitories should be sited safely in the south west or south while dining halls should be in the west. Conference halls should always be placed in the north. Computer rooms go in the south east.

8. Favourable colours are white, cream, ivory or light blue. Maroon can be used as an accent colour for its energizing properties

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