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Vastu Shastra Tips for Astrospeak

Vastu Shastra Tips for Astrospeak

1. Energies: This universe is full of subtle energies like North Pole energy, magnetic energy, earth’s gravitational energy, solar energy. These energies are very subtle which cannot be seen and can only be sensed. When we build the building structure, care should be taken for obstacle free flow of all these energies.

2. Body vaastu: The vaastu factor also applies in our human body. Our body postures matters a lot.

3. Body vastu :One should not remain crossed handed or crossed legs. Some people have a tendency to sit crossed legs and crossed hands across the chest level. This position is not a receiving posture. People using these postures in there lifestyle is usually stubborn, poor recipients for good things in life. Legs and arms should be in an open position.

4. Body vastu: Moving and rotating the hands and feet without any reason is inauspicious. One should not clap the tables and body just for fun sake. Facing towards the north direction while working or eating is good.

5. Body vastu: While sleeping one should point the head towards the south direction. We should wear the clothes with harmonious colors; one should wear the cloths according to the temperament and requirement. Colors of the cloths should have combination and contrast in between.

6. Silence: It is a fact that silence can speak what loud voices cannot express. Sit in a silent meditation for at least 10 minutes twice a day. Your inner will be expressed to you.

7. Non-judgment: I believe in non-judgment. One shall not try to judge the people throughout the day.

8. Given something: Taking gifts is very easy; try to give gifts to your friends & relatives. What ever you give will come ten times back in your own life.

9. Be open to receive: Receive joyfully the offers of nature i.e. abundance of sunlight, chirping noises of birds & even the heat of the day and also is open to receive compliments & material gifts from your loved ones. Just say to yourself I will accept people, situations and circumstances as they appear. I will not struggle against the moment.

10. Fire: Fire in our culture is said to be very potent. It is said that fire is available on our tongue so what ever we speak is burnt out,  the meaning behind this is what ever we do wrong we must commit before some body doing this burns our bad deeds and in case we do some thing good we must not tell any body about the good karma’s.

11. Daily bath: One should take a bath on daily basis; this keeps much negative energy at the bay. Taking a bath with sea salt gives tremendous positive energy flow.

12. Colors and clothes: The Colors matter a lot every person has a different body requirement for the colors according to the nature and moods, the colors have different nature so use according to the properties.

13. Jealousy: Normally we complain our brothers, sisters, neighbours and this society is jealous, but in a way it is good if anybody is envying you. The jealousy will work as a fire to burn out all your bad karmas. The bad karmas will get burnt and the feeling of lightness will come.

14. Concentration: Good concentration can achieve perfection. A person with good concentration can achieve the work target in half the time. Failure is a stranger to work done with perfect attention.

15. Stagnant Wealth: Keep circulating your wealth, spend on you ,your family. Do not make your money stagnant. Also circulate your joy, happiness and sorrows.

16. Conscious: Be conscious of the present be aware of what you are doing in the present moment. That will not make you feel pain in the future for your bad times.

17. Choice: When ever you choose ask yourself two questions

1.The consequences of my choice.

2.Will this choice bring happiness to only me or to those also who are affected by this choice.

18. Do not blame: If the problems come accept the responsibility to ward them off. Do not blame others &do not scold yourself for the bad situation. Accept the problems as on opportunity in disguise.

19. Power to desire: Make a list of all desires, keep it updating. Carry this list wherever you go. Have a look at the list before going to sleep and when getting awake in the morning.

20. Detachment: Practice to detach yourself from unreasonable desires. Do not be so rigid to achieve the impossible desires. Do not impose stress and unnecessary burden on you.

21. Nurture the god : who is lying deep in your Soul. be happy ,feel prosperous, feel the satisfaction in you. if you are always happy believe me god will bring more happiness to you.

22. Inspire people: Keep inspiring, motivating people. By doing this you will always remain in a self-motivated mood.

23. Be at rest: Lie down on the bed/floor for few minutes escape from work. Loosen all the muscles, head and even feel all the nerves, body organs at rest. You will be ready the next moment to fight with the complexities of life once again.

24. Avoid the pending: You can never relax if you have uncompleted jobs left. Do not start new assignments. Without completing the previous one. You do not have to win a race from others. Win from yourself. Work in a steady motion. Do things one by one.

25. White Light: Whenever you feel depressed & low or you feel tired. You may visualize a beam of white light entering your body from the crown of your body i.e. the head region. Visualize each and every part of your body, each and every nerve to be worked & polished by that white light. This white light is divine energy & can do miracles.

26. Rejuvenate the environment: Put some nature in your room, put fresh flowers in your area, light a candle, infuse some good aroma, play some light music & also put some happy pictures in the room.

27. Do not control yourself: You may not laugh when you want & the way you want. Let the anger never suppress it. You should divert your anger into positive energy; anger is forms of energy use it. Eat whatever you want & even eat your own way do not see that if anybody is watching you.

Dr. Puneet Chawla is a Life Guru, guiding and mentoring the followers to solve their life problems and make a easy living. He corrects the reasons of troublesome life by way of Vastu, Mantra and Tantra Mandalas. Being an intuitive personality he senses the negative energies, the reasons of problems and rarely predicts the life decisions too. He is a Shiv and Shakti Sadhak and guides people through Shivpath.