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Best Vastu Tips In The Workplace

Best Vastu Tips In The Workplace

- The place where you work needs to harmonize well with Vastu Shastra principles so as to make your efficiency be explored to the maximum. Even the place where your honorary degree should be put makes a hell of a difference in determining your success rate. Vastu Shastra lets you rule out the best combo for professional success. 

Vastu experts say that in earlier times, many small-time businessmen operated from their home, often from a room dedicated to this purpose. Today, however, as businesses have expanded and requirements have changed, independent offices have become an indispensable and universal element of the business world. Moreover, with increasing competition in the commercial environment, it is imperative that the place of work is stable and filled with good luck. For this, it is highly essential to introduce Vastu Shastra principles into the workplace. This includes the shape and placement of the office as well as the office furniture.

Best Vastu tips in the workplace can be listed here under:

1.    The shape of your office matters a lot and must ensure elemental harmony. Your room/cabin should be regular-shaped and well-defined. There should be neither any extensions nor any cut corners. The most ideal shapes are perfect squares and rectangles.

2.    According to Vastu Shastra, it is highly beneficial to have an office in a public place rather than in a lonely or isolated surrounding. The office should be set amidst the hustle and bustle of crowd and traffic and an office building that is surrounded by   running roads is considered very prosperous.

3.    Office buildings that face the North, north-east or north-west are also considered very prosperous as these directions are extremely auspicious; they always attract good luck and positive energies.

4.    Beware of beams overhead; they cause unnecessary stress. Beams hidden under false ceilings are equally bad. A door directly ahead of you in not auspicious. Doors and windows, even behind the table, invite betrayal. Always sit against a solid wall.

5.    If your workstation faces the north, keep your files and any electronic gadgets like computer, etc, on the left side of the table. However, if your workstation faces the east, make sure that the aforementioned office paraphernalia is kept on the right side of the table.

6.    Don’t place yourself in the center of the room; choose a corner towards the south or west. On your left should be a closed area or wall.

7.    Facing the North or East while working is very auspicious and makes you feel fresh. The north is owned by Kuber, Lord of Wealth, and is very beneficial for those in the trading business, while the east-the direction of sunrise and growth- is excellent for professionals and those on the service industry.

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