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North-east stairs

North-east stairs

The north-east is a direction full of benefits as its presiding deity is Lord Shiva and the representative planet is Jupiter. This is the direction responsible for providing overall prosperity, health and wealth if utilized as per Vastu guidelines. Since it is considered to be a highly pious and sensitive direction, it needs to be dealt with extreme care.

Having a staircase in the north east is considered highly inauspicious according to Vastu guidelines. It causes major health problems and even leads to causing fatal diseases brain hemorrhage and heart strokes to the residents of such a house.

Defects of having stairs in the North-east:


  • Any remedy without expert advice is not complete. Hence, one should seek the consultation of a renowned and highly educated Vastu consultant like Dr. Puneet Chawla who would guide you through every calamity and provide the best advice to you and your family.
  • Placing a North East Direction Yantra on the North East zone of the house can rectify the Vastu defects present therein. This Yantra is highly result-oriented and effective. Dr. Puneet Chawla and his team have formulated and energized this for the optimum use and benefit to their followers. 
  • Burning the live Vaastu Camphor in the north-east kitchen at sunset everyday destroys all negative forces present in the kitchen, making it positive and healthy

Placing mirrors on the north-east walls of the staircase removes the negative energy caused due to the wrong location of the stairs.