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Vastu Shastra Tips For Inner Peace

Vastu Shastra Tips For Inner Peace

Planning your interiors, at work or at home, can enhance the positive atmosphere of your inner spaces manifold.


1. Direction: It is auspicious to face the north or the east while working. While facing north, keep files, folders and your computers on the left side of the table. If facing east, keep the right hand side heavier.

2. Table: Work on either a square or a rectangle table. L-shaped table or irregular shaped tables are not auspicious. Don’t eat food at your table.

3. Knick-knacks: Don’t keep idols or pictures on your desk.


 Main door: Add auspicious symbols-kalash with coconut, lakshmi charan pointing towards the house. Swastika with riddhi—siddhi or subh labh written on either side—to the door as visuals or objects.


1. Color clues: Use colors like red, orange, and yellow on the walls, cabinets, etc. Avoid blue and black totally.

2. Door diktat: the kitchen door should ideally be in the north. Try to face the door while cooking.

3. Stove sense: Place the stove on the eastern wall, never in the northeastern corner.

4. Waterways: Water resources should be on the northeastern walls. Keep heavy materials against the southern or western wall.

5. Quick tips: Do not make a temple in the kitchen. Ensure adequate ventilation and proper hygiene.


  • 1. Use light colors like pastel green and lime for the walls, upholstery, furniture, accessories etc.
  • 2. Add water element like a fountain or bowl filled with water in the north and northeastern walls to usher in prosperity.
  • 3. Light aromatherapy oils and candles to keep these areas filled with fragrance and positive energies.
  • 4. A bowl of sea salt kept in the room helps keep negative energies at bay.
  • 5. Use quartz crystals to enhance positive vibes.
  • 6. Yellow and red flowers in the living area lead to a prosperous environment.
  • 7. Keep natural fruits on the dining table. Place a mirror on the north wall near the dining area so that the displayed fruit get multiplied.
  • 8. Do not display pickles or cutlery.
  • 9. Do not keep medicines in the open.
  • 10. Do not display any dead objects like dried flowers, broken articles, wild animals, skin or antiques they contain energy of earlier user.
  • 11. Do not hang wall clocks, timepiece and calendars on the southern, southeastern or southwestern directions. Don’t place clocks and calendars above door. All timepieces should be in working condition; if they are not, wrap them up and store them elsewhere. Learn how small things can make big changes.
  • 12. Do not keep heavy furniture along the northern and eastern wall.
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