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Vastu Tips for Drawing and Dinning Room

Vastu Tips for Drawing and Dinning Room

Drawing Room

The drawing room has long been considered as both a place of prestige and a showcase of one’s personality and individuality. Most of the time, all formal and distinguished guests are invited first to this room, and it usually forms the first impression of the house and its residents. As such, people make it a point to transform their drawing room into the most beautiful area of the house. However, to ensure that, in addition to being attractive, this room is also auspicious, it is important to create a positive vaastu environment.

Direction and Placement

The best possible location for a drawing room is in the east, north or northwest directions. The northeast portion of the drawing room should be kept spacious and as free of furniture as possible. The east side should also be kept light and airy.

Sitting arrangement and Furniture: All heavy furniture should be placed next to the walls on the southern and western sides of the drawing room. The seating arrangement should be such that while sitting, one faces the east direction.

Mirror in Drawing room: Placing a mirror on the northern wall helps enhance the positive effects of the energies emanating from the north. The northern wall is also a good place for installing windows, as this brings in prosperity. 

Decoration: While decorating your drawing room, make it a point to showcase your most priceless and priceless possessions here. The theory behind this is that the wealth you display will multiply and come back to you multifold.

Make sure that the drawing room is well lit. Also, pastel green is an auspicious colour for the walls. Beautifying your drawing room with fresh flowers and plants is very auspicious. Yellow and red flowers especially help create a dynamic and prosperous environment. Avoid using dried or artificial flowers, and make sure that dead flowers are replaced as soon as possible.

Aromatic fragrances such as incense and essential oils of flowers are pious and have cleansing properties, and are highly conducive to creating a positive environment, as they attract angels and deities. Light and burn them regularly to clear the house of negative energy forms.

Be sure to place bowls filled with sea salt around the room as this substance has great negativity extracting powers. Quartz crystals are famous for their amazing cleansing properties, and are a very powerful tool in both cleaning negative energies and enhancing the room and building’s positive environment. Be sure to place some around the living room.

Water Element: The presence of a water element in the northeast makes the positive energy of this direction even stronger. One can keep a fountain, with fresh running water, or a bowl of flowers filled with fresh water in this corner for prosperity.

Must not: Keeping idols or pictures of various gods and goddesses in the drawing room is not advisable.

Do not keep any kind of dead objects in your drawing and dining rooms, or anywhere else in the house. These include dried flowers, broken articles or utensils, wild animal skins or antiques. The last usually contain the energies of the user and may be inauspicious. Keeping stuffed dead animals should also be avoided.

Dining Room:

These days, either due to shortage of space or due to the general architectural layout of the area, the dining room usually presents itself as an extension of the drawing room. The dining room is an area where the entire family enjoys their meals, and hence, plays an important role in promoting health and harmony among them.

  • 1. Try to face the east, north, northeast or northwest while having food, as these are very auspicious directions.
  • 2. Always display fresh fruits on the dining table. You can also use fresh flowers to decorate the dining table.
  • 3. Sharp utensils such as knives and scissors should be kept covered at all times. Displaying these or leaving them out in the open can give rise to 4. bad or unpleasant relationships with family and friends. Similarly, pickles should also be kept in a covered place as an open display can create sourness in relationships. Keeping medicines here is strictly taboo, in keeping with the belief that one gets back what one displays.
  • 5. Avoid using an oval-shaped dining table, as it is not considered auspicious.
  • 6. Installing a large mirror on the east wall of the dining room so that it reflects the fruit and food laid out on the table has a multiplying effect. This brings in prosperity.
  • 7. The dining table should not be visible from the main door. It can be hided by a curtain or a false partition.
  • 8. There should be less furniture in the dining table so that the identity of the table can come up. It enhances the prosperity of the family.
  • 9. Focus light from the ceiling on the dining table increases the prosperity.
  • 10. The dining table should not be kept along the wall, it should have enough space from all the sides.
  • 11. The chairs in the dining table should be even number that is two, four, and six and so on.