Power of Moon

Power of Moon

Moon is the only satellite of the planet Earth. They are 3,84,400 km apart. The moon has a radius of 1783 km approximately which is 0.2725 times more as compared to the earth’s radius while its mass is 1/81.3 times more than the earth.

As per Astrology, the moon is considered as a separate planet owing to its size and proximity to earth. Talking about its mythological significance, the moon is considered to be negative in Vastu. It provides elasticity and changeability to one’s nature and is believed to rule over one’s personality and form. The moon is also considered to be the queen of the solar system, the mind of Kalpurush, the Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholics and also the mother of the Heavens. While the sun stands responsible for pouring spirit and life to all planetary bodies, the moon stands responsible for governing the life of the beings on earth. She is the Luna (Diana), the queen of the night, a goddess and also a hunter who governs fertility and chastity both. 

A feminine entity, the moon is cold, moist, changeable, receptive and a negative planet. The North-west direction is ruled by her and the rainy season (Varsha-Ritu from August to September) is governed by her. Her nature is watery while her color is sea-green or silvery white. Her prime domain is over the mind, the sleep and the produce of the earth viz. fruits and flowers. Her authority lies over the multitude, the masses, traveling, business, commerce, female relatives and all those professions which deal in liquid. In a nutshell, she rules over the place of residence of an individual.

The physical features which the moon attributes to are a corpulent body, lovely eyes, white complexion, black and thin hair, soft and tender speech and a mild temper. It rules over the left eye in males and over the right eye, breasts, esophagus, stomach, uterus, ovaries, lymphatic node, synovial fluid and the urinary bladder in females. The arteries, motor nerves, and the muscles are controlled by the waxing moon while the veins, sensory nerves, sense organs and the glands are ruled by the waning moon.

In case the moon gets afflicted, the person’s fortune gets affected majorly. He/she becomes a target to sickness in infancy as well as old age, can cause deformity, impulsiveness, over anxiousness, indecisiveness, rashness depression, and pessimism. On the contrary, when the moon is strong in a person’s horoscope, it renders name, fame and strong social standing to the individual, a good family life, and courtesy, an amiable nature, pleasing personality, magnetism, desire for wealth and worldly pleasures, interest in psychology and a taste for delicious fruits.

The moon, if not favorable, can cause various diseases like lunacy, eye-disease, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, colic, cough and cold, measles, intestine problems, liver problems caused due to over-drinking, bronchitis, tumors, nervous breakdown, cancer, dysentery etc.  

The moon represents oranges, melons, white poppy, cucumber, palm, mushroom, wintergreen, mercury, sugarcane, lettuce, betel leaves, silver, salt, rice, cream, foreign liquor, pearl, curd, herbs and so on.  

It is even representative of animals like dog, mouse, cat, horse, and amphibians, and some others like goose, crab, duck, water-bird, owl, tortoise and oysters. Places represented by the moon are mountains, fortresses, ocean, river, place of residence etc.

The precious metals and gems which the moon stands for and represents are pearl and white stones, silver, tin and other white metals. A native while lord of the ascendant is the moon can wear these stones in a silver ring in the constellation of the moon.

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